Monday, 13 September 2010

Treating Pet Urine And Stains

Pet urine can cause serious damage to a homes carpet.

Urine is a biological hazard which allows bacteria to thrive. When the urine deposit is fresh (less than 24hrs old) It is slightly easier to remove. It initially has a pH around 5 or 6, and is slightly acid.

In this acidic state the urine starts to oxidize and can cause a color change that can be very difficult to remove if not attended to immediately. Within 24 hrs pet urine becomes a high Ph alkaline between 10 to 12. The longer it remains the more difficult it becomes to remove. The high Ph also contributes to the discoloration and if left untreated can permanently alter and stain the carpet.

Urine odors are produced by biological and chemical processes

The bacteria that grow in the dark urine soaked places beaneath your carpet are a significant source of the pungent odor that urine gives off. This bacteria growth of the decomposing urine penetrates deep into the carpets fibers, becoming part of the fibers. The urine wastes and gases create the distinctive, unpleasant odor. When urine dries it can be reactivated by another deposit from your pet or a hot humid day that gives the residue a new source of moisture. The dried urine residue and salts act as a desiccant and will adsorbs moisture from the humid air. This is why cleaning just the effected surface of pet urine deposits will not completly remove the odor.

Pet urine and stain removal – home remedies

A great tool to have is a small wet vac. Many can be purchased purchased for less than .00. A small one is recommend because if more convenient, its is more likely you will get it out for an accident.

If you can remove the pet urine when it is fresh it will be more likely that you will have success at complete removal. Using the wet vac suck the pet urine directly out of the carpet. Now apply a solution of ammonia – 2 tbsp of common ammonia to 1 cup water, allow it to dwell for a few minutes then pour clear water on the spot and suck the water out with the wet vac to rinse the out the solution from the carpet. Dry the carpet gently with a terry towel.

If the pet urine spot is has been in the carpet for more than 24 hrs, mix 1 pt white vinegar with 2 pts water and apply it to the urine spot, followed by a warm water rinse exacting with the wet vac. Do not use the vinegar on new urine spots because the acid from the vinegar will not counter the acid from fresh pet urine. The vinegar solution is most effective after 24 hrs when the urine is an alkaline Ph.

Cleaning products for pet urine

The best cleaning products for pet urine are enzymes based cleaning agents. These are very effective for urine, vomit and feces. Enzymes will digest bacteria. For optimum results use an enzyme spotter following rinsing of the carpet. A very effective product is called Nature’s Miracle, which is available at many pet stores. It is recommended you stay away from high pH products like resolve and oxidizing agents unless you have the capability to rinse and extract them.

How cleaning services remove pet urine and odor

To remove pet odor, the alkaline salt residues that form as urine dries must be totally removed. This can be vey time consuming. In the most severe situation, all of the following procedures must be done. When urine contamination is mild some of these steps are left out and an alternate removal method can be used.

  1. Disengage carpet.

  2. Tear out contaminated pad.

  3. Clean carpet backing.

  4. Apply odor treatment to sub floor.

  5. Seal sub floor with sealant barrier.

  6. Apply enzyme product to carpet backing.

  7. Remove and replace tack strip.

  8. Remove and replace carpet pad.

Alternate removal method:

When urine spots are located in small areas or spots a spot treatment can be done saturating the urine with an enzyme product and extracting it, along with the urine residue, from out of the pad and carpet.

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  1. Here is a good option:
    start with a vinegar and water mix, followed by sprinkling peroxide and dish soap on the stain.