Thursday, 30 September 2010

What Does Amps Measure Show & Does it Affect Vacuum’s Performance?

More amps means more power but does not mean suction power or cleaning power. Usually vacuum cleaners that you have or want to purchase come with 12 amp power. Basically amps measure the amount of current flowing from outlet to the motor of vacuum cleaner. Usually vacuum manufacturers use to display prominently amps of certain model on advertising materials. Having a vacuum cleaner doesn’t mean that you have most powerful vacuum cleaner. Power of vacuum cleaner wholly depends on the motor’s design and the way it used amps or current supply productively.

You can see some 12 amps vacuum cleaners giving more powerful performance as compared to other vacuum cleaner with same amps. There are some other factors that also affect vacuum’s performance and these factors include:

* Design of motor and its way to use amps
* Way the system filters dirt
* Feature of height adjustment on carpet
* The way you maintain your vacuum cleaner


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