Monday, 6 December 2010

Eco Friendly and Green Cleaning Tools

We all know that it is good to use eco friendly cleaning products and tools. Some of us read the labels and avoid toxic products that contain a lot of chemicals. But let us be honest how many of you use such green cleaning tools? Here some eco friendly cleaning tools that can be really handy for your green domestic cleaning.

For an example in microfiber clothes, which are eco friendly tools too are very popular among housekeepers. They are really convenient, because you can use them so many times, the only thing you need to do is to wash them after cleaning. On the other hand they come in many different colors and you can find them everywhere.

Another one of the eco friendly tools are cellulose cloths. Replace your paper towels with cellulose towels, the difference between them is that the last ones are made of recycled specially treated newspapers.

Another green cleaning tool – mops. You need to replace the old mop with new steam mop. These green cleaning mops use steam and not toxins for really good cleaning. There are other mops with a bamboo handle and microfiber head, which can be really useful too. On the other hand steam mop is a great investment, because of the fact that without chemicals you can disinfected your place of living.

There are some eco friendly buckets too, which are made of recycled plastic bottles, so when you find one of these just take it.

You may not heard about sanitizing light wands. These eco friendly wands use special ultraviolet light to kill microbes. You can use them everywhere, at home or when you camping. You will never need for this purpose chemical cleaners Melbourne again.

In a conclusion, eco friendly or green cleaning tools can be very helpful for you an this way you can make one little, but important step for a better and healthier environment.


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