Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Can man do it?

If you ask a woman what is the thing she hates doing, she will most probably respond that it is cleaning her house .  This might sound a little exhaustedly, but  if you try doing it as often as a woman has, you will understand her feelings. While years ago, woman were thought that their only goal in life should be to have families to take care of; now women are more than mom’s, they are working and have much more to do then just cleaning the house.
So ,when men are no longer the only one; working and supporting the family , why should cleaning still be a women’s responsibility? Can a man clean the house every week, while his wife is out having fun with friends? Truly, I have never heard about the case when a man is cleaning, or at least helping his wife to clean. If women and men can share all other responsibilities, then they can share this one as well. Here is what I suggest, make your husband clean the house at least once a week. Sure won't be as easy as it sound, but it is definitely worth trying. Due to their unwillingness to clean, many women turn to help from professionals, for which help they are paying. Instead of having to pay, women can just turn for help to their husbands. There is one more difference I think of, comparing these days to the old once and it is that man are not so dependable on women; as it comes to cleaning , many of them take a good care of their homes , but when they have a wife , they just stop doing it and leave all the work to the women. Obviously when they have already done it , they know how it is done, so they don’t need lessons but just a women who can make them clean the house. Wimbledon cleaning services companies could break this fact that man are not able to clean. Just check how motive and energize are Wimbledon cleaners. You will be shocked.


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