Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Take Care of the Upholstery as a Part of End of Tenancy Cleaning

The rented place needs constant care in order to stay nice and easy to get at the end of tenancy cleaned. Keeping different parts of the home clean at all time will reduce the amount of work needed at the end when the lease contract expires. One of the most important things is at the end of tenancy clean place. This will guarantee the return of your deposit.

Now let's see what can be taken care of during the time of your stay. Upholstery takes big part of the daily cleaning. First of all take your time and vacuum the upholstery at least once a week. Rub against the fabric in order to penetrate and get the smallest bits out of there. Bang the cushions in each other to shake off the dust. Take the seat pads outside and shake them well also. Another good way to clean the upholstery is with the use of steam cleaner. You can hire the machine or hire company that will do that for you. Spots and stains from upholstery should be removed as soon as possible. How? Well, you can do that with shaving foam, applied on the spot, or you can use some sophisticated commercial upholstery cleaners. After you are done simply use fan or hair dryer to get it dry.
By putting such, as you can see for yourself, simple cleaning efforts you will keep the upholstery in really good condition. Of course, the professional end of tenancy cleaning service will cover this part of the cleaning, but that doesn't mean that you have to neglect it just like that.


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