Monday, 4 April 2011

Cleaning Carpet With Home-made Cleaning Products

Nowadays a lot of people can not afford the services of a cleaning company. They are forced to clean their carpets by themselves. So you have to be creative in finding your own brand of cleaning products. There are a lot of ingredients from which people can create their own method for carpet cleaning.

I can share mine products with you, because I know it will be easier for you to use already tested products. Mix one part of non-bleach liquid laundry soap, one part liquid fabric softener and six parts water. You should put that in a spray bottle and it is safe to spray directly on your carpet. After that your carpet will smell very well.

Other way is to mix one part borax with two parts baking soda. When you put the borax and backing soda mixture over the area make sure you are using a clean towel.

Sydney cleaning company told me that I can use boiling water. You should add into it soap flakes. This will form a foamy mixture. The soap will help clean the carpet while the oil disinfect the carpet.

The ink stains are very stubborn and you might think there is no way to remove it. But I will surprise you when I tell you that there exist a way to get rid of ink stains. You have to add a few drops of lemon juice. Or you can spray over the stain with Isopropyl alcohol and you should use clean towel. Continue doing it, until the stain has disappeared.

If you don't believe me ask some Sydney cleaners and they will give you the same tips. Enjoy your cleaning!  


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