Monday, 18 April 2011

Few Carpet Cleaning Advices

There are many things that could be done in order to manage clean home. It's a broad area, so here we are going to mention only certain areas or should I say-type of surfaces. Home cleaning is responsible task, which means it has to be taken seriously.

Carpets are really troubling area when it comes to floor cleaning. Probably this is the most sophisticated type of flooring you may come across. It takes a lot of time cleaning and needs more of your attention. In comparison to tile flooring, carpet
is hell. Most common problems with the carpet are stains left from grease, pet urine, wine and glue. Those things are leaving stains that are hard to be removed. Grease from carpet could be removed with the use of baking soda. Before that absorb as much, as you can the grease spill. Sprinkle the soda and leave it to sit for a night. On the other day vacuum the area. Another good remedy is corn starch. The pet urine should be absorbed as much, as possible with the help of paper towels, after that wash the spot with vinegar, water and dish washing detergent. The vinegar usually kills the bad smell. Stains from red wine is another common problem. Here the area should be treated with salt. You have to do it as soon, as possible. Leave the salt to sit for like 10-15 minutes. The spot will turn pink. Clean up the salt and treat the spot with vinegar and warm water. Another way of removing red wine stains is baking soda. glue could be removed successfully with the help of white vinegar only.

Treating the carpet the right way will preserve it for a long time. Remember no matter what type of stains you are dealing with, it's very important to react quickly and not leave the spills to dry.


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