Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Having A Bathtub Better Clean It Well

Cleaning at home is something you have to do every now and then. Some areas demand more attention, than the others. One such place is the bathroom. Due to its daily use, the regular cleaning there is essential. Professional cleaners Melbourne as the capitol of state Victoria, could be of some help, when it comes time for thorough cleaning, but there are actions that you could probably undertake on your own.

One of the areas in the bathroom, that could be taken care of, is the bathtub. Most known problems here are rust and blue-green stains. Good everyday care could be a simple wipe-down of the bath with the help of sponge and water. Besides that, at once a week it will be good to treat it with cleaners and polishers to get its shiny look back. Or you can use baking soda, sprinkled on a damp sponge. Be careful and read the back label of the cleaner you have chosen. Be sure it doesn't content any abrasive pieces that could leave scratches. Fighting the rust stains demands different approach. Here a piece of lemon could surprise you how efficient it is. Simply squeeze it over the stain and rub carefully. Rinse with water afterwards and repeat the action if you have to. Blue-green stains are result of water with high levels of copper content. Here a good solution of the problem could be a mix made out from tartar and baking soda, add lemon drops to the mixture and you have a nice cleaning paste. Rub it into the stain with finger or with the help of a cloth. Leave it to sit for an hour and rinse with water after that.

Keeping certain parts of your home clean may demand serious actions. In case you can't deal with some areas or you need deep cleaning, there are professional cleaners that could take some load off your shoulders. You definitely will need such type of help, when you have to leave your current tenement.


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