Thursday, 21 April 2011

How To Clean A Leather Sofa

You might spend hours and a big amount of money in looking for the perfect sofa for your house, but in the end it will all worth it. Such furniture creates one luxury appearance of your home or office.

However, after some years you realize that your sofa is not really looking in its best any more. There are stains and crumbs all over the leather, and now it has a negative impact on the look of your room.

In this situation you have three options, you may throw it out and empty your wallet buying new one. The second alternative is to hide it under cover and a lot of cushions for the rest of its days. The last, and may be the best, option is to follow these tips and to do the upholstery cleaning no time.

At the beginning of the cleaning process you need to vacuum all the crumbs.

Gently absorb some moisturising soap with a damp cloth and rub carefully stained areas of the leather, pay attention not to get the leather too wet.

After that wipe the leather with a new clean cloth, and again be careful, to avoid leaving water stains once the leather dries.

In the end, for better results, you need to polish the leather with a dry towel.

Of course you can always hire one of the professional upholstery cleaning London companies to clean your sofa. They provides you well trained cleaners that will use the best upholstery cleaning equipment to bring to life your sofa.


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