Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bedroom Cleaning, Get The Drawers In Order

The mess in the bedroom is something, how should I put it, inevitable. Therefore you have to pay special attention to it and spare some time there de-clutter. Home cleaning should go by the mantra “Clean as you go”. One of the things in the bedroom, that gets pretty messy in no time, are the drawers. Imagine the following, early in the morning you are running late for work, your trying to get
some clothes, to put on, and here is the moment where the messy drawer comes across. The chaos in there is an obstacle in your case. In order to avoid such situations you need to take everything out from time to time, sort the clothes, fold them nicely and put them back, so the next time when you open it, you will know what stays exactly where. Another thing is, go through the content from time to time, as the old and useless stuff should go. If something can't fit in the drawer, just put it in the wardrobe, it's not necessary everything to be there. Maintain order by knowing what stays in which drawer, socks, underwear, tee shirts, you are getting the point. While all of the content is still out, give the interior of the drawer a nice wipe-down with the use of a dampened cloth.

By keeping this part of the bedroom in order you will have more flexibility and face it, it's better to function in a order, than in chaos. The rest of the bedroom could be taken care of in the same manner. Deep clean-ups demand sophisticated actions and tools, like a steam cleaner to get the carpet perfectly clean, for example.


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