Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to Help Kids Breath Easier in Home

When moving out toxins and bad household air increase because of the end of tenancy cleaning. However, chemicals are around us all the time, we just cannot notice them and kids suffer most of this. Fortunately, there are simple steps we can follow to improve every day the environment in our homes, for out children.

Start with using untreated natural bedding. Treated sheets usually contain formaldehyde that inhaled kids while sleeping. You should also not buy textiles or flame-resistant pajamas.

Wash bedding at least once a week, and ensure to keep the humidity in the bedroom below 50 per cent. This way you will reduce dust mite allergens.

In case you use candles, make sure that they contain natural essential oils scents and are metal free. Synthetically scented paraffin and other synthetic wax candles emit unhealthy fumes and soot when burned.

Avoid using synthetic-based scents and perfumes, use natural cosmetics and personal care products, instead. When hanging out or hugging the kids , be sure all they pick up is attention and affection.

Keep the pressed composite wood products away from your home. They usually include glue and other chemicals that give off dangerous fumes. It is a good idea to buy solid wood furniture. If you cannot afford this then use plywood, which does not outgas as much.

Open doors and windows, use fans and air conditioners to let the fresh air into your home frequently, even in the winter. This way you will rinse out any unhealthy pollutants that have accumulated in your home. Let the children sleep with a window opened as much as possible.

These are a few tips to follow to keep safe your children every day and especially during the end of tenancy cleaning.


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