Monday, 13 June 2011

Answering our Reader's Question PART II

Dear, Klara:
My roommate is a really messy guy, not to call him a pig. He eats like crazy, and is hundred kilos. Potato chips is all over the house, ice cream and coffee spills are all over the sofa and the carpet. The oven is a mess from his home-made fried chicken. It is getting really bad, after I asked him to start cleaning after himself. HELP!!!
Jenny, Islington

Dear Jenny, we assume you both pay an equal part of the rent. For all the mess he leaves you both could really end up not speaking to each other, which, however, is better than living in a mess. Try and persuade him to pay for hiring professional carpet cleaning services to clean the awful stains on the carpet, because it is not your job to look after him, and as we understand he is too lazy to do it himself. It would not be that easy, but it is worth all the arguments. After the possible carpet cleaning prevention rules should be assigned – set an area designed for eating, or just disallow the sofa dinning, because soon ants could start living there.
Thank you for your questions dear readers. Do not be shy to ask us other in the comments below.

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