Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Answering Readers' Questions Part IV

   Klara Jones, I am not that much of a regular reader, but your blog got me interested. From your posts I assume you are a good housewife as well as good working woman. I cannot imagine how this is possible. How you manage to do that?
  Best regards, Elize

   Elize, I appreciate your words, and I hope your assumption is right.
   First working in a company of the range of Office Cleaning London learned me a lot of things. I was a manager there which made me hard-working and dedicated to everything I start. The lesson learned is that as hard you work as big the reward will be. My experience in this company was pretty valuable, because I saw how workers on average wages giving their best, and they were pretty dedicated to the cause. They knew that if they work hard they will achieve, and maybe today one of them is occupying my position, who knows?
   Nowadays I work as a freelance writer, which allows me freedom, but still I spend time in the home office. I manage to have time for cooking and the regular cleaning. Everything is just planned in the beginning of the week and later this to-do list is gradually accomplished. However, do no think I am that perfect. For example, I remember how I had to miss the cleaning and I called Office Cleaning London, to do it instead of me. The result was amazing, because when on the next day a client entered the home office he quickly noticed how clean it was, which saddens me a lot, because as good cleaner as I am, no one have ever noticed when I have done the cleaning myself.  
    I am looking forward to more readers asking questions!


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