Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Clean Around the House by a Weekly Check-list

Cleaning around the house is something, that everyone should do from time to time. You know cleaning different spots in different rooms. Some areas may need just a quick fix, others – may demand more of your attention. Everything is relative, like someone famous once said. In order to complete all the cleaning more quickly you must take your time and make a check-list that will guide you through the whole process. Having everything written down on a piece of paper will make your work not only easier, but productive as well.
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An example for a weekly cleaning check-list is the following:

  • dust around the rooms at the end of each week
  • use a damp mop to give your floor good cleaning
  • change the bed linens and wash them
  • vacuum not only carpets, but upholstery and curtains too
  • fix the clutter in the garage and the basement
Those are just the foundations of your weekly cleaning. To each one of them, you can add more, particular tasks. By doing so on a regular basis you will be sure that your home will stay nice and tidy always.
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