Monday, 6 June 2011

Cleaning Bathroom

Unlike the bedrooms or living rooms which only require vacuum cleaning, sweeping and mopping to keep them clean for relatively long time, cleaning the bathroom needs extra efforts such as washing, scrubbing, brushing and wiping in order to achieve the desired cleanliness. You may wish to get through the bathroom cleaning speedily because of these exhausting tasks, but you cannot simply neglect the bathroom as it takes an important part in our homes, so we should take a good care of it. With a busy schedule and demanding job that you might have, there could be no time for you to do cleaning tasks. You may need to hire Acton cleaners to clean your bathroom instead of you, but still there are things that can be done on your own.
You can try to use baking soda mixed with warm water to remove the soap crusts when cleaning a soap container. If the soap crusts are not that attached, you can simply brush the container. Try not to leave soap residues on the floors as you might slip and injure yourself.
Vinegar and lemon juice help removing lime and hard water that had formed in sinks and sides of the drain. Do not use acids for cleaning fiber glasses as they might stain the surface. Since there are many commercial cleaning products available on the market, you can ask Acton cleaners which of them are compatible for your bathroom cleaning.
If you have leaking bathroom pipes, make sure to handle the problem immediately as dripping water from broken plumbing will further grime the tiles and the sink.


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