Sunday, 12 June 2011

How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Glass Surfaces

We all know how unpleasant is to get water spots on the windows after the spring rain. All these stains ruin the appearance of your house or apartment. These types of stains also deteriorate the daylight that can be enjoyed through your big glass window and the quality of vision. Now you can clean them without calling the cleaning London companies and ask for help.

  1. You need to buy glass polish. Test it to make that the polish will not hurt the glass window.

  2. You need to know which chemicals are responsible for water spots on the window. Do not forget that the longer one water spot stays on your glass window, the more stubborn and difficult to remove it becomes. You should remove the water as soon as you notice any trace of spot.

  3. You may clean the window by using home-made cleaning solutions. Make a mixture of one part water and two parts distilled white vinegar, use a synthetic wool or a cotton t-shirt to polish the glass surface. This vinegar-based cleaning solvent work only with mild hard or newly formed water spots. Vinegar is toxic-free product that is less likely to damage the windows in your home.

  4. You can also call a cleaning London company and ask for help or advice. They will be glad to do everything they can to help you. 

  5. If non of the cleaning solutions help you, the last option is to replace the glass windows. This is very expensive and hard tasks, but sometimes it is the only solutions.

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