Monday, 6 June 2011

How Window Cleaning Appeared in UK

After 2000 BC, Egyptians were able to create art of glass-making. Soon windows became a fixture of European architecture. As it got popular enough, window cleaning started developing.
The first recorded cleaning tool is from 5th century, invented in Greece, and it is a horse-sweat squeegee. Generally used in the stables for grooming and rubbing down animals, after some time people found out that absorbent material would be perfect at window cleaning.
1936 was the year, when Ettore Sceccone created the single-blade window cleaning squeegee. The other window cleaning tool was used to eliminate the water spots and streaks. For cleaning water spots people started using lint-free rags, micro-fibre window cleaning towels and later – window cleaning clay foams. All these cleaning tools all guaranteed wiping off dirt and leave the glass clear, flawless and speck-free as well.

When tinted windows have been introduced, it was needed to develop a cleaning solution, specially for this kind of glass. What people invented were the ammonia-free cleaning products. These detergents were non-corrosive, but they were enough effective to remove the stubborn water spots.
In present times the developing of the cleaning detergents, guarantee to prevent the glass from water spots. This can be reached by leaving a very thin wax, which is able to seal out moisture. Its advantage is it reflects light, so that it creates a beautiful shine and this makes your house sparkling as new.
Window cleaning would not be as effective as if there are cleaning detergents used in the cleaning process. So all of the solutions make the chore of window cleaning a bit easier. It is not only easier, but it doesn't take too much time to be done.
Nowadays professional window cleaning services are provided with special cleaning products, that you can not find on the market. If you don't want to clean your windows, or it is not so easy to reach all of the glass, depending on the size of windows, you can just hire cleaning London company to do this for you. All you have to do is to find the best cleaning company, that fits to your requirements. 


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