Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tips How to Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

Maintaining a clean and sparkling kitchen can be extremely difficult as it seems that grease always finds a way to build up on the cabinets, in the racks and areas that are touched by you. This tips may help you to deal with greasy stains on the kitchen surfaces.
  1. Try to find enough time once a month  to clean your kitchen cabinets. You can use a mild dishwashing detergent combined with some warm water. Take a sponge and dip it in, then swing it and wipe the kitchen cabinets down. Dry the cabinets immediately because dishwashing detergent can quickly dry on.
  2. Although ammonia is usually used in oven cleaning London, it is also very helpful when you have to deal with a heavy grease build up on your kitchen cabinets. Mix ½ cup of ammonia with ½ cup of warm water. Use a sponge to scrub the grease. It's not recommended that you utilize any abrasive cleaners because they can scratch the surface of your kitchen cabinets. 
  3. Take kitchen cabinets shelves out every 6 months and wipe them with a damp cloth. It's a good idea to use again a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing detergent.
  4. To keep your cabinets smelling fresh, pour a little baking soda in a cup and place one in each cabinet. Make sure that you replace baking soda once per month or two.

Now, you know how to maintain your kitchen cabinets clean without  hiring a cleaning company. 

Oven cleaning London company advises you to use only ammonia, baking soda and eco-friendly dishwashing detergents when taking care of your kitchen.

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