Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Vodka - the Cleaner From the Fridge

A friend of mine asked me these days, do I know what vodka is good for. I though a bit and nothing but drinking, came into my mind. Then he told me that he found an article on the internet, according which, vodka can be also used for
carpet cleaning. It was hard to believe at first, but then I remembered that vodka is basically an alcohol and this means it can clean, disinfect and etc.

Here are some vodka uses like a cleaning detergent.

Vodka can remove the smell of cat vomit on your carpet. This is one, of a small number of cleaning solutions, which can do that. It is also the cheapest and most environmental friendly detergent of them all.

Refreshing the air in the room.
Spray some vodka on the fabric of your furniture and let it dry. It won't take much time because, as you know, alcohol is very volatile. After that, the smell of cigarette smoke in the room will be gone.

Vodka can be helpful when you want to remove stickers from somewhere.
Dwell a cotton ball with the liquid and rub it to the sticker. It loosens the adhesive and now the patch could be very easy removed.
Vodka also can clean windows and other smooth surfaces and it leaves them spotless. If you out a layer of vodka,on your bathroom and bathroom curtain, it will protect them from mould, mildew and etc.

So next time you consider calling a carpet cleaning London company for any simple stain, first try to solve the problem with the cleaner in your fridge. It may do the job just as good as the professionals.


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