Monday, 27 June 2011

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green is a term, that could be used to describe many things. For some, it means “environmentally friendly”. By living and cleaning, the green way ,you reduce the negative impact on the planet, in small but significant way. It means also treating the resources, as precious living with nature instead of trying to use it for your own interest. Every time you start cleaning just think about that and how you can be “green” as you clean, too.

In order to make everything clearer here a few definitions and descriptions of what is green.

  • Everything that is not dangerous to the health of people and animals, is considered green cleaning product.

  • Everything, that doesn't cause damage to the nature, during the process of manufacture, use and disposal
  • A product, that doesn’t consume disproportionate amount of energy, during the process of manufacture, use, disposal.
  • A product that doesn't cause waste due to excessive packaging or to short useful life.
  • A product in which manufacture aren't involve animals and tests on them
  • A product that does not need materials derived from rare species of any kind

If you really care, you can make that difference by using products that are manufactured according to those six descriptions. Many of the professional services are trying to follow that trend, green cleaning, and are using such products in the process of their work.


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