Friday, 22 July 2011

How to Clean Antibiotics Stains from Carpet

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Antibiotic carpet stains are by no means something that happens often, if it happens at all. And if such thing happen so rarely the person who has to clean the stain later won't have any idea how to do it, because he lacks the past experience in dealing with such kind of stains. Still, you have to be prepared for everything because you don't know whether some day you might stain the carpet with liquid antibiotics.

The antibiotics contain some colouring and other ingredients that cling to the carpet fibres. The experts from carpet cleaning NW1 recommend that you use commercial stain removers to deal with such stains, rather than using homemade remedies. The reason for that is because commercial spot removers are designed to deal with several types of stains and can be more effective against such rare stains. But if you prefer to use homemade stain remover create one which can remove dye stains (juice, food, medication stains). Other than that you would require one white absorbent cloth.

Apply the stain remover of your choosing over the stain and saturate it. Then take the absorbent cloth and blot the stain. You may not succeed at first, but don't dispirit, it may take several tries until you can finally remove the stain for good. As for the cleaning technique you should use, under no circumstances you should scrub the carpet and the stained area. This way you would only damage the fabrics or set the stain deeper into the fibres.

After the stain is removed carpet cleaning NW1 experts suggest that you should throw a clean cloth over the treated area and allow it to absorb any remaining moisture from the carpet. Then let the carpet air dry. If you have to vacuum clean the carpet once it is dry to restore the look of the treated carpet fibres to the those from the rest of the carpet.


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