Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

Unlike many carpet stains that should be cleaned immediately when they appear, cleaning wax while it is still freshly occurred will only worsen the stain and push the wax deeper into the carpet. It is much easier to remove when the wax gets solid.
Of course, you can use professional services such as carpet cleaning Clapham to solve the problem, but it is not that hard to get wax out of a carpet if you know how.
The things that you will need are brown paper, iron, ice pack, foaming carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. The steps in removing wax from carpet are:
  1. Set you iron to a low temperature and let it warm up.
  2. Cover the dried wax with a piece of brown paper that is large enough to protect the carpet fibers from direct contact with the iron.
  3. Pass over the brown paper with your iron to loosen the wax. When doing this, the paper absorbs the wax, but make sure to hold it tight to the stain to prevent spreading of the soft wax.
  4. Remove the brown paper with the stuck wax. If there is any wax left, use another piece of paper to remove it.
  5. Use a foaming carpet cleaner to remove any colour stains left from the wax after which vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
Do not use the iron on nylon carpets no matter of the circumstances because the fibers will melt, leaving unsightly burned area of your carpet. Acton cleaners recommend using ice pack, instead, to freeze the wax so it can be scraped off in small pieces.


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