Thursday, 14 July 2011

Some Basic Home Business Tips For Annie

Annie James said...
Dear Klara, Ive been reading your blog for a while now.

You got me interested in setting a home office. For now it is going to be only a private place. Since my husband does not want me to work I am interested in starting a small home based business.
Annie, West Hampstead

Thank you Annie for your kind words. I am doing it for people like you. I am not that much of an expert in running an own business but my friends from Office Cleaning London could help me.
First, most of the freelancers enjoy what they are doing. So find a job that suits your skills, knowledge and interest. This is often the hardest of all. For example, if you are good at writing you can write articles for a website, or blog. However, this is not going to be that profitable, but you cannot expect to find a profitable job at your first try. If you are communicative try to trade over the web. Trading cosmetics is what most of the freelance employed women do. Your friends could be an easy target if you have an eye for the deal. There are various internet venues for freelancers where you can offer your skills to people who may need them. Oh, and I almost forgot – do not be fooled by those internet jobs that say they will pay you a fortune for just installing a software, or looking at several adverts.
Even though it might be too early to talk about how to set the home office I am going to mention some ideas just in case you find the wanted job. First your private area should be set according to your occupational needs. The decoration of the place, as experts from Office Cleaning London say, plays a big part in achieving high results at work. Comfort and functionality are the main factors. They are both determined by the type of equipment you have. To conclude, the chair is the most essential part so choose carefully, Annie. And again thank you for your kind words!

Best regards Klara Jones!


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