Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Few Tricks to Keep uPVC Window Frames Clean

One of the big advantages of having uPVC window frames is that they are extremely durable and need far less maintenance in comparison to the regular window frames, which need to be sanded, painted over time.
Of course, by saying all that, I'm not trying to imply the fact that uPVC frames don't need any attention at all. Many cleaners in Melbourne would agree with that. Here are a few good tips that could help you keep your window frames in clean and good condition for long period of time.

The first and basic thing you need to know is that you have to clean uPVC frames only with warm soapy water and sponge. Don't use detergents and don't use any scouring pads as well. Those clean, but what else they do, is scratching your precious frame too. Stick to the soapy water and add a little bit elbow grease to that. One really good idea is the usage of baby wipes, they are soft which makes them the perfect cleaning remedy. Another good remedy for uPVC frames cleaning can be made from four parts warm water and one part white vinegar. Combine all that in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the frame, after that wipe with the use of dry towel cloth. In case you have to deal with some stubborn stains, you should use PVC gloss, apply with the use of a small brush, but be careful not to get any onto the glass, simply cover the area and let it dry.

By taking care of the uPVC properly you will be able to enjoy nice and clean frame for long time. Everything needs cleaning in order to keep its good appearance, some things need more than that though, heavy cleaning tasks are real pain. Fortunately here are services such as vacate cleaning Melbourne has, that could be of some use.


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