Monday, 1 August 2011

How to Clean Your Wife's Diamond Ring

You probably love your wife, not that this is necessary, though. Remember the ring you gave her for the anniversary of the wedding, the one with the huge diamond that comes straight from Sierra Leone? Well you need to clean it up. How? Easy.
According to many cleaners in Melbourne jewellery needs regular cleaning in order to keep its shiny look. And cleaning jewellery is pretty easy task.
The best thing, that works for every kind of jewellery is soaking in warm water, mixed with soap or detergent. One good choice is ivory dish-washing liquid. After that, use a brush with soft bristles, or you might scratch the surface of the diamond and loose the shiny look forever. And not only soak it, but swish the ring around the water. After that, rinse under running warm water, but before you do that block the drain of the sink or place it in a container, as a safety precaution from loosing it. At the end of the whole operation, use lint-free cloth to buff it dry. For extra help you can use dental water to flush small bits of grime away.
Alternatively, all that can be executed from a professional jeweller. If you think about it, every cleaning problem could be solved by professionals, spring cleaning, vacate cleaning Melbourne is great place to live in, where a whole bunch of services are offered everyday.


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