Friday, 12 August 2011

No Time to Clean: Easy Tips

Everyone would enjoy living in a clean home. When you are running out of time, and guests are on their way, do not worry that you have no time to clean, juts follow our tips.

Easy cleaning when guests are on their way

You have no time to attend to the details. If you can get a cleaner immediately then you will be able to get the dinner ready, but in case there is really no time for this, be smart. Choose a room that will be occupied by the guests, and focus on cleaning it. There is no way to deep clean it, so look around. What seems really dirty and misplaced? The sweaty t-shirt, your underwear, it shouldn't be in the guest room at all. Take it away, you will wash it later.

Dust and clutter can be dealt with quickly. Throw away all old papers, mail, newspapers and clear it. Dusting should start from the top down. No unnecessary moves. You have around 30 mins at best.

In case your neighbours are at home and you are on good terms with them, ask them to give you a hand.

The perfect scenario is to have a roommate who makes a living out of cleaning services. Then you can get a cleaner right away and get an exceptional treatment. But if this is not the current situation, you know what the best roommate is like.

Now that you are running out of time, there are 5 minutes you can spend cleaning the entree. Put your shoes away. Make it look empty, this is the other aspect of cleaning. Space clearing is your trick now.

Dress well and put some flowers around if there are any available. Put your best smile on and have fun. You just managed to clean your home on the run for 30 minutes.  


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