Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Good Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

One serious mistake in home cleaning is the lack of vacuum cleaner's maintenance. Neglecting the basics of the maintenance may jeopardize the long life of this vital household device and even more- the vacuum cleaner will not work as effectively as it should.

London cleaning professionals advise you never do any vacuum cleaner maintenance with the unit turned on or even plugged in. If it switches on while you’re doing this work, it may injure you.

The easiest vacuum maintenance you can perform is regularly replacing full bags. For instance, sometimes a bag can be only a third full and still not do its job well. Also, a full bag makes the unit work harder than it ought to function, as air needs to run through the gathered debris and dust. Tip: If you notice the machine is missing carpet debris while you're vacuuming, this is a clue your bag is likely full.

Also, regularly clean the brush roll, which is sometimes referred to as the beater bar. You’ll recognize it as the brush that spins on the unit’s bottom section. Look for thread, hair, and other such debris as your insight that it requires a cleaning. After taking off the bottom plate, remove anything that might prevent this roller from moving freely.
Naturally, there are more in-depth maintenance actions one can take with vacuum cleaners. But, at the very least, regularly change your bag and clear your brush roll to begin with.

London cleaners use the latest improvements in vacuum cleaning along with all achievements in the environment friendly cleaning.


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