Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What Freshens a Smelly Carpet

Carpets are made to create a unique look of every property, where they are placed. However, what happens when your carpet start smelling badly? Yes, this ruins the entire beauty that your carpet usually creates. In this case, you have to act fast and find the most convenient way to fight the bad odours coming from your gorgeous rug.

Many of the cleaners London are often asked the question: Why my carpet smells although I maintain it regularly?! Well, sometimes it doesn't matter how often you use your vacuum cleaner, but how you use it! So, here are some natural suggestions what to use in order to remove the bad odour from your carpets. 

1. The white vinegar is a natural and cheap product that eliminates any disturbing smells. The best thing about this eco-friendly liquid is that it does not mask, but neutralizes the bad odours. So, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle. Then, start spraying the entire surface of your carpet. Let it to sit for a few hours to dry. When the vinegar dries it kills all bacteria and germs causing the bad odour.

2. Baking soda is one of the most used odour removals. Used by home owners from all over the world, baking soda absorbs the bad odours and make them disappear. Plus, it is often used to remove pet odours, smoke and other unpleasant smells from rugs and carpets. Just sprinkle baking soda thoroughly all over the surface of your carpet to make a thin coat and let it to sit overnight. In the morning, just vacuum the carpet. Professional cleaners in London guarantee you that the bad smell from your carpet will be gone. 


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