Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pay Attention to Your Dogs

People enjoy the company of other living beings. That is the reason why people get pets. Some prefer dogs other cats and other people just want something furry in the house that is alive.

Have you ever had a pet before? If you had, you know that it is not that easy to keep it especially if it is a big animal. All your furry friends require certain attention and care. At first when you buy the pet, you expect everything to be easy but it is not as easy as you thought. Since I was little I simply love dogs, but not small ones because it is the same as keeping a rabbit or a hamster.

Big dogs were always my passion and one day my father came back home with something very little in his hand. It was the sweetest little boxer I ever saw. At first I thought it's a play toy but then I realised it is a big responsibility. Big dogs aren't meant to live indoors in an apartment. At his young age he needs a lot of things to chew on, so hide all of your shoes because you will get a half shoe if your young boxer gets his paws and in particular his jaw on it. Slippers and flip flops are a delicacy for them so it is a good idea to get a lot of chewing toys, if you do not want to buy shoes every week. It is also very important to teach them to do their stuff outdoors when you take them out for a walk or else you'll be doing a lot of floor clearing and the worst is the carpet cleaning BR2. Once your dog gets used to go indoors and starts to like certain material your carpets are not safe. The worst case is if your dog likes your sofa so much that it uses it as a territorial mark everyday.

Walks are very important for your big pet. If you want to prevent your house to be stained and smelly walk your boxer every day three times. It is quite an energetic dog so it requires a lot of running. If you don't he will get revenge on you eventually his own way and in the worst case you'll be stuck carpet cleaning all day.

In conclusion I’d say that boxers are a very nice pets, they are loyal, caring and smart dogs, but you have to take care of it. They have their needs. If you do not meet them, my advice is buy new furniture and shoes, get very strong detergents or simply get a number of a very good carpet cleaning BR2 agency. If you keep your dog happy, it will keep you happy for the rest of its life.


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