Monday, 10 October 2011

Safe Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

I've always wanted to do everything not to pollute the environment, but unfortunately most people don't care about the nature and the affect toxic commercial cleaners have on it. One of the main reasons why many people prefer to waste their money on expensive commercial cleaners rather than on cheap natural products like vinegar, is because they don't believe that the products we're used to using when cooking can deal with the mess inside their households. 

It may be a surprise to you, but vinegar is one of the most powerful natural cleaners which has proved its magical cleaning properties for hundreds of years. If you ask your mother or grandmother, what kind of cleaning products they used in the past, undoubtedly vinegar will be one of the cleaners they will mention.

I've used a number of carpet cleaning solution in my steam cleaners, but none of them cleaned the stubborn stains my kids and pet have caused. As most of you, I wasn't sure that simple products like vinegar can deal with ugly spots on my carpets and the unpleasant odour coming from them. Almost desperate, I decided to follow my grandmother's advice and clean my carpets with nothing else but vinegar.

I made a carpet cleaning solution of about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. I added the solution to my steam cleaner, then I was amazed by the power of vinegar. It cleaned not only the stains all over my carpets, but it also cleaned my steam cleaner.

What about the vinegar smell? I hate it, but it doesn't stay around till the carpet is completely dry.

Many carpet cleaning London companies advise to use natural cleaning products to clean our homes and carpets, especially when we have children. Don't forget that our children's safety is the most important thing.


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