Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to Remove Liquids from Upholstery

Is there house without furniture? I am sure that there isn't and this is because a home without furniture is empty home. Sofas are important part of every living room and the lot of traffic they receive makes the cleaning of this furniture more than necessary. Let's see how we can clean the liquids from it.

It is really essential to remember that you have to deal with every spill right away and not only when doing the upholstery cleaning once a month. One of the frequently spilled liquids on the sofa for example is tea but it is not hard to remove at all. You need just small amount of water and some biological detergent to dab with. Rinse with clean water after that and make sure to dry the fabric.

For red wine spots on the upholstery, you can use carpet cleaning shampoo and clean water to rinse in the end. What is more complicated is to remove coffee stains because the shampoo won't help you. Use laundry detergent to dab but first soak the place with cold water. As always you have to rinse in the end and then blot dry.

For beer stains on the sofa for example, you can use a mixture made of water and vinegar because this is going to remove the unpleasant odour which the beer can leave behind. Use clean water to wash and dry the place. Remember that before any upholstery cleaning, you have to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers otherwise you can ruin the fabric.


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