Friday, 4 November 2011

Tips on Cleaning at The Very Door Step

Everybody has lived on rent once in their lifes. Especially if you are working for a long period of time out of your home city.In many cases you have tenants living with you. Living together in a house with other people can be hard for you and for them. You all have to share on bathroom, one kitchen and occasionally a bed. People are different so they have different habits, some people tend to live a tidy life, others like the chaos and prefer to be messy.

Occasionally there can be little arguments but in general if you like the people who you are living with nothing can be too great of a problem. The biggest problem when a lot of people are living in place is keeping it clean. Face it not everybody tends to have the same home habits so you can't expect people to eat, shower and use the utilities the same. The most messy places usually in such environment are the kitchen and the bathroom. Imagine four people cooking four different dishes in one day, imagine how the kitchen will look like in the end. And then think about how the bathroom looks like after 4 people use it. People manage somehow to keep everything clean but it is never sufficient, usually it is barely clean because it gets messy and dirty quickly.

The biggest problem in these situations is end of tenancy cleaning BR1, when you have to leave it gets very difficult because efficient cleaning is required and if you have to leave quick it becomes a problem. It matters as well if one of tenants leaves or all of them. If all of them leave the same time it is a little bit easier to clean because after all 4 people can split the work and divide the tasks between them. If only one of the tenants leaves there is a problem because he can't clean the house by himself and as well people will continue to live. 

A solution to the situation is that the tenant can leave some money for the other people still leaving in the house. The idea is when the last tenant is required to leave to have enough money to hire an end of tenancy cleaning BR1 service that will handle the work and clean the house.


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