Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tips on Dealing with Ketchup Stains on the Carpet

Everybody likes to cook in their house. In the weekend you have time to cook and to invite your family to visit. My family usually has a family barbecue in the house every weekend. Usually my father is a big meat lover. His grilled meat is outstanding. In the weekends we usually have ribs or steaks. Anyway it is a big feast, but as you know no feast can go on without my mother's special french fries. French fries with ketchup is the best companion to the meat.

Sometimes we have a afternoon party with hamburgers. But as you can imagine the mess after the visitation is big. We usually stay over after that to help out with the cleaning. It is not as fun as eating but after such heavenly meal you can't say no to anything. Considering all the grease from the barbecue and all that spilled ketchup even on the carpets, you would start to consider resorting to professional cleaners SW4 in the area.

Since my part of the cleaning is usually the carpets I picked up a lot of helpful tricks on removing ketchup from the carpet that come in handy. Trust me a ketchup stain on the carpet is really a dreadful thing. I usually follow a simple method for cleaning that usually is a little different from the cleaners SW4 but it is as effective as their cleaning.

First I begin with removing any excessive ketchup on the carpet with a spoon. I blot the rest with a paper towel. It is a good idea use blotting instead of scrubbing, you don't want to get the ketchup deeper in the fibre. Use a cleaning mixture containing very little ammonia and a little water. Apply the mixture on the stain and wait briefly, than simply dry up the stain. If a stain persist to stay you can use a little dish wash on the stain and continue blotting, never forget not to step on the wet stain.
You don't want to make it dirty all over again.


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