Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to Keep Woollen Fabrics Clean

Christmas is coming and cold weather is knocking on our doors, too. So, now is the time to wear our woollen clothes and spend a few days with our favourite people. After all, the things that make us warm during the winter are exactly the love of our family and friends, on the one hand and the woollen clothes we wear, on the other.

Since the winter season is here, it is time to start wearing your woollen, warm clothes. And to preserve their look and form you should learn how to maintain them. For the purpose, our cleaners London have a few tips to offer:

  1. It is not hard to clean up large spots on sweaters. The only thing you should use is your nails. For more stubborn stains such as ink and other sort of spots, you have to wipe them immediately. Do not ever let an ink stain dry on woollen fabric.

  2. The main reason why your woollen clothes look dirty and old are the bobbins that form on the fabric. They make the garment look old and attract dirt. To solve this problem, use salt paper to remove the loose balls. 

  3. It is not recommended to soak your woollen clothes in water. Wash them by hand or in the washing machine, in a combination with some mild liquid laundry detergent. Do not use any types of brushes to clean your clothes because you can damage the fabric. 

  4. Before drying the woollen garments, cleaners in London advise to soak them in some fabric conditioner for about 10 minutes first. Last but not least, use hangers when letting your garments air dry to preserve their shape. 


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