Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Taking Care of Emergency Mess

No matter how clean your house is, there’s always something that can happen. A dog running inside on a rainy day making you do the unplanned carpet cleaning Parsons Green selling person walking on your floors with the outdoor shoes, some food accidentally falling leaving stains on your sofa or a paint on the wall after your kid done his homework. It’s not about how you clean, it’s about how much prepared are you to handle these kinds of situations.

In almost every house and in every car you can find a medicine chest to get the first aid when you need it. The same concerns your house – you need to have a kind of a medicine chest, but for cleaning, to be able to solve any problem when it appears. What should this box contain? Well, first of all, the basic things like baking soda, bleach, vinegar and ammonia that are every housewife’s little helpers. Next items can be stain removers of different kinds, but the basic is of course the carpet stain remover. Like bondages for people, there should be clothes of different sizes and materials for every case possible, cleaning wipes and some sponges. Drain cleaner and soap also wouldn’t hurt. When you have all of these items, put them in a box and have it easy accessible, so you can find a necessary cure for your house in case of emergency.

Of course when you are having your regular weekly cleaning you can also use your box, but make sure that you don’t have empty bottles there and are renewing your reserves constantly, so that you always have everything there. When you are calling cleaners Parsons Green for instance, they come with their own cleaning utensils, so you don’t need to waste your emergency box, but you can ask them if they can recommend you something additional to purchase for your first aid. If you are prepared for emergency situations it will also be easier for you to do the regular cleaning, since the longer stains stay, the harder it is to get rid of them. The faster you react – the easier your cleaning will be.


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