Friday, 27 April 2012

Good Mess Vs Bad Mess

Chaos, it seems, is the order of some. Depending on one's personality and view on life, chaos and mess can be the very glue of day to day life. Some people prefer to have a messy desk or have a messy house or car.

If you consider yourself the domestic messy type, there is nothing wrong with that, but surely every now and then the closet has to be cleaned up. If every now and then means every few years, then you will definitely need some professional cleaners Pakenham cleaning companies are very good with domestic clean ups and will restore order to your closet, hopefully the rest of the house too.

 If the problem is becoming more complex, like your mum is moving back in town for example, then you would surely have to present a nice, clean pad for those frequent and unexpected visits. If this is the case may be you need regular cleaning Pakenham cleaners can visit you on regular basis and keep you and your mum happy.

If the situation at work is the same, but your boss doesn't really care of the state of your desk, as long as you do your job then you can get away with stating a few important reasons why you keep your desk as such . For instance, the amount of useful activities you do at work creates this celestial chaos at your desk – solid reason. Another way out is to tell them that recent work projects have taken their toll on the desk and the moment you get promoted things will be back to normal – this is optional, be careful with this excuse. 

The most logical and simple explanation for the clutter on your desk can be the fact that you like your useful tidbits and small scale memorabilia – this will only work if the stuff piled on your desk is exactly that – cannot use it if drawers are overflowing with car magazines and sports bets journals. For successful living, try and be on the good side of mess.


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