Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Make Your Wardrobe Greener

A green wardrobe means does not necessary mean to give up on the modern and fashionable clothes. You can still look nice and beautiful wearing clothes from eco friendly materials, cleaned and maintained with natural products. There are several reasons to do this:

You will preserve your body. Nowadays fashion industry uses a range of chemicals and pesticides to grow cotton, toxic dyes to make cloths attract us with fancy colours and a big amount of energy is wasted to further produce our clothes. Choose organic fibres, or sustainable materials and your skin and your whole body will be grateful for this. Different types of allergies, asthma, skin diseases are caused by the dangerous materials our clothes are made of.

Be conscious of the right animal treatment. You could very well be stylish without buying a leather bag or a fur coat, for currently there a wide pool of material options you could choose from while improving your wardrobe and accessorizing your outlook. 

You will reduce waste if you buy clothes with a classic style and foolproof colours. No need to throw away clothes every season only because they’ve exhausted their trendiness and are not considered chic anymore. As long as you like a certain clothing and it fits you perfectly then why throwing it away and not consider the waste of energy and resources this could be.  

Think local – buy items which are produced by local designers and producers. Thus you will support your community wellbeing and will contribute on saving energy required to transport imported goods. Make your wardrobe unique by buying hand-made items, which can't be found at the commercial chain stores and malls.

Take care of your clothes using eco-friendly services of cleaning in Caulfield residents could list a number of could contractors operating in the field. The experienced cleaners of Caulfield offers use natural, green and eco-friendly methods and cleaning materials. 


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