Thursday, 28 June 2012

Parisian Style Townhouse

Drawing inspiration to decorate your home during traveling to different locations and countries is an ideal way to bring some of the exotic charm back home and use it as inspiration to decorate your home in new and unique way that reflects your personality and your particular geographical preferences. 

Recently, the Parisian townhouse look has made quite a comeback and is becoming more popular with homemakers that are looking for the new, well forgotten old. If you have been fortunate enough to have a clean slate to work with meaning to build your new home ground up in accordance to your style and taste then you really need to make the most of it. If renovating, the situation is pretty much the same, you need to consider all aspects well and choose carefully the style and accessories.

 In case or renovation, you will need some serious clean ready, meaning that the mess made during renovations is usually too much to handle, this is why you should consider using professional cleaning services Bow domestic companies provide exceptional post renovation and after builders cleaning at reasonable prices, they work with friendly and experienced cleaning services Bounds Green renovators have taken full advantage of their affordable and quality cleaning services. Beside the French exterior of the place, a distinct look will be achieved by the inclusion of a French style garden. This type of garden is a classic or renaissance combination of specific architectural features and selected types of plants like cypress and other Mediterranean species, a fence or gate made of heavy wrought iron will surely complement the garden and house look.  

When it comes to the house interior, Parisian sophistication is the name of the game. Finishing touches like marble mosaic flooring distinct entry doors with wrought iron elements highlight the purely French and partially European aristocratic look of the home. The overall idea here is to blend classic and time proven elements inspired by the Paris glamour with contemporary elements that add to the overall look but don’t choke the Parisian theme. Internal architecture of the house also corresponds with the time period.


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