Friday, 5 October 2012

How to Clean Carpet Stains in the End of Tenancy

Carpet stains are a very unpleasant problem, especially when you are living on rent and your tenancy is about to finish. Then you have to clean the whole place and to remove the stains from your carpets. If you don't have any cleaning skills and knowledge, this will be quite a hard task for you. Moreover, you might ruin your rug and lose your security deposit.

Here are a few professional tips for carpet stain removal, offered by post tenancy cleaning London experts:
  • First of all, mind that before you start removing the carpet stains, you have to clean the floorings well. You must vacuum first, so to remove the excess dust and dirt on your rug, and then to clean it thoroughly with a home made solution. You can make one yourself from one tablespoon liquid castile soap, quarter cup white vinegar, two cups warm water, six drops lavender essential oil, and three drops clary sage essential oil. Apply this mixture to your carpet and let it dry afterwards. All discolourations will become brighter and more obvious.
  • After you clean your flooring, tenancy cleaners from London recommend that you try to find out what caused the stains on it. Check on the Internet for natural cleaners for the purpose after that, and treat the stains.
  • It is very important not to apply the stain removers directly on the spots, but to try them on an out-of-sight area first. You have to be sure that the solution that you've prepared is absolutely harmless for your flooring.
  • Be very careful not to spread the stains wider and make a bigger mess when cleaning them. You have to use blotting motions for this purpose, and work from the outside-in of every discolouration.
  • Once you remove all spots, let the carpet dry well, and check if there are any bad odours left. If there are such sprinkle bicarbonate of soda or cornstarch all over it, and leave it for a night. Vacuum on the next day and the smell will disappear.


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