Sunday, 4 November 2012

Extravagant Staircases

Usually the stairs are regarded as a boring, necessary part of the house and most people wish they had an elevator instead. Well, even so, this isn't the case for many urban designers which have taken staircase design a step further and have created marvelous looking things in many cities around the world.
Take for example the Lelo Bookstore in Portugal, this awesome looking book store is arranged with a staircase to match. The magnificent staircase is a true piece of art and is the centerpiece of the entire store, if you have the time and opportunity – don't miss it, the site is well worth seeing.

One thing that zany staircases don't have though is a matching carpet, it seems most designers are too busy designing the crazy things rather than putting on the final touches, if you want to put the final touch on your staircase then you need to carpet flooring installation specialist stores offer a wide variety of those and will surely grab your attention. Now for the minimalist interior fans out there, the steel ribbon staircase is just what the design doctor prescribed. This staircase is made of a single fifteen mil sheet of steel which has been worked and shaped as to make a proper staircase of it, this is a one-off designer piece so don't expect to see at the mall, so far it has been fitted into a private home in Prague.

A carpet or a runner may not be the best cherry to top off the steel ribbon staircase, but it could be the best thing that happened to your stairs so if you want to have a look at a really good range of quality new rugs and actually buy carpets London stores have it all in stock, at your disposal. Another interesting staircase idea is the 1M2 Stairs as they are known, this is an interior solution suitable for hopelessly small homes where traditional staircases would take up all the valuable living space, these stairs are customizable and can fit any home.


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