Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fast Food vs. Proper Food feat. Fast Cleaning

Do you like burgers? Do you want a tasty one with ketchup, fries and a cup of coke? This sounds nice, it is delicious, it is cheap and it takes just several minutes to get such meal. However, within a short period of time this kind of life is deadly. So many people have heart problems because of such burgers and drinks, the lack of sports and the amount of time spent in front of the TV and the computer. So, what we can do in order to live longer and healthier?

The most obvious and simple solution in the world. With the amazing machines that we have these days - cookers, steam cookers, microwaves etc. Any meal is easy and fast to be done in just an hour and that is not a lot. The benefits of cooking are more the disadvantage but we obviously are too lazy for it. On top of all, the cooking is really beneficial and may make us feel better and rewarded.
The recipes are he easiest and simplest thing in the world. More and more channels on YouTube are dedicated to cooking, there are millions of sites online where professional cookers and housewives give their suggestions. The shops are filled with spices and products from all around the world so preparing Chinese, Mexican, Balkan or any other type of food is easy.
The cleaning after the cooking is one of the main problems that many people point out. Unfortunately, for many of them who simply do not like cooking, the cleaning is also simpler as never before. Professional cleaner all sorts of cleaning for just a small fraction of the money that we will need if we decide to do the job on our own. On top of that they have just the right tools, solutions and knowledge which guarantee high quality performed job.
How the professionals clean ovens?
They remove the grills and put them in tubs with mixture of cleaning solution and water. These grills are left there to soak well for several hours. During that time, all of the rest of the cleaning is being performed.
The next step is the oven itself so here is how the cleaning goes in a few steps according to the professional oven cleaners from London:
1. Put a cover in front of the oven. This is where all of the grease and residue will go during the cleaning.
2. Open the door of the oven and clean the inside of it with a flat and sharp tool. Scrub well until all of the grease is removed. Do the same with the inside of the oven and the baking dish.
3. Get a clean cloth and the cleaning solution and spray over the surfaces and leave them to soak well.
4. Use special cleaning wax for the oily parts.
5. Clean with a well damped sponge and leave it all to air dry.
Of course, if you do not want to do so, you may decide to hire professionals for the job and focus more on sports and simply decrease the amount of junk food. The results of that should also be positive.
So, consider your behaviour towards the food that you eat and try to improve it. It is worth it, even though you will have to clean quite a lot.


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