Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wood Care

Wood matures, darkens and mellows over time, especially if it is treated well.

Varnished Wood
Most new wood used in furniture is sealed with a varnish and therefore needs only a wipe over with the proverbial damp cloth and perhaps a small amount of detergent for sticky marks and dirt. Don't use a scourer or any abrasives as this will break down the surface allowing in dirt and moisture.

Waxed Wood
Dust regularly, wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. Wax once a year but don't put more wax on top of dirty wax — wax doesn't clean, it seals.

Painted Wood
Glean off marks with a damp cloth or wash down with a mild detergent, finish with a cloth squeezed out in clean water and dry thoroughly. Protect and bring a glow to non-gloss paint finishes with an application of wax polish well buffed up.

To remove a build-up of excess wax, rub with I part vinegar to I part water and dry immediately.


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