Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Domestic Cleaning - Make It Funny and Faster

  • Make a schedule - If you try to clean all the house at once it would definitely be hard and unpleasant for you. So make a schedule with short tasks like:
    Monday - Dusting day

    Tuesday -  Laundry day

    Wednesday - Vacuuming day

    Saturday - Kitchen day

    Sunday - Bathroom day

    • Involve the children into the domestic cleaning tasks - Turn it into a game and include them. It'll make them more responsible and help you finish faster with the cleaning at the same time.
    • Turn the music on - the music makes everything seems easier.
      • Who says that men aren't cleaning - We are not in the Medieval age so Dad is cleaning too. ;)
        • Think positive – Sounds stupid but it's actually very important part. Without positive thinking the other things doesn't matter.


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