Friday, 29 October 2010

Tips for Iron Maidens

Gently pulling into shape and neatly folding dry
washing minimises creasing and makes ironing easier.

Folding sheets and large cloths double makes them easier to handle. Iron one side, fold with the pressed side on the inside and continue ironing and folding until you have a neat, folded, fully ironed item.

Keep large items off the floor by draping the ironed bit over the back of a chair positioned behind the ironing board.

Using distilled water in a steam iron prevents the build up of limescale. Alternatively, use filtered water from a filter jug.

De-scale a steam iron by filling with a solution of I part water to I part vinegar. Steam for a few minutes, allow to cool, then rinse with clear water.

Prolong the life of a new ironing board cover by liberally spraying it with spray starch followed by a good hot ironing.

Clean the base of the iron with a damp cloth dipped in bicarbonate of soda.
Better results will be achieved if you iron things while damp, if you are not going to iron straight away put them in a plastic bag in the fridge to stop them going smelly.

Linen sprays make ironing a more pleasurable experience. If you can't afford the posh versions, make your own by adding a few drops of lavender or another favourite essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water.

If you hate ironing, follow the fashion for shabby chic where creases are de rigeur. It's not the end of the world if your sheets are un-ironed. When bedlinens are dry, pull into shape, fold carefully and place at the bottom of the linen pile to flatten them.


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