Friday, 25 February 2011

How to Protect Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Deposit

There are many stories about tenants who gave up their deposits, because somebody said that they have not looked after their rented places and for such reasons they received a bad check-out reports. So, here are some suggestions how to protect your end of tenancy cleaning deposit.

  1. When there is a check-in and check-out inventory, you must be there, because that is the only way for you to give your opinion about how the property has been maintained, before you moved in it. Moreover, you need to make sure that everything which is not right, is included into the report. 

  2. Save the document on your computer and if you are a little bit of paranoid, you can also make one or two copies and put them on one place, with your other personal documents. This will be your “insurance”. Furthermore, when you move in new apartment, you have to walk around the place, carefully and write down everything that does not seem right, including broken doors and windows, locks, pealing paint and other damages. If there are other major damages, you can take pictures or a video, you need to do everything possible to be sure that you will get your end of tenancy cleaning deposit back. 

  3. You must send all the data you've gathered both to your real estate agent and landlord. Moreover, you can ask them for an answer that includes suggestions about how to handle the situation. Do not forget to save all the e-mails too. More evidences, better for you. 

  4. When you decide to move out from the rented property, do not forget to hire professional tenancy cleaning services, in order to get your secure deposit back. 


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