Friday, 25 February 2011

A Short Cleaning List

These days, just a small percentage of the people can afford to buy a house on their own. For such reasons, they rent other places, where to live. Moreover, in most cases people move from one place to another until they save enough money to buy their own place of living.

When you decide to move out from your rented residence, there are some things which you need to consider first and the most important one is called end of tenancy cleaning. Therefore, here is a short cleaning list that will help you to handle your moving out cleaning tasks.

  1. You must clean all surfaces including all windows, doors, floors, walls, fireplaces, all the furniture, carpets, shelves, etc. For the upholstery and carpets you can hire a professional to clean them for you.

  2. Do not forget to remove all the dust and trash from the place.

  3. Repair all damages you have done during your stay, including the broken windows.

  4. You need to clean each room. For instance, clean the bathroom including the bathroom floor, all mirrors, sinks, showers, the shower doors, all tiles and bathroom shelves too. 

  5. Do not forget to clean the kitchen too, which means to clean the sink, all cupboards and cupboard doors, the refrigerator including its drawers and shelves and do not forget to clean the oven too.

Do all those things in the right way and you won't need to use any professional tenancy cleaning services. So, good luck!


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