Thursday, 24 February 2011

Organizing the Daily Cleaning

Nowadays more and more people get busier. Our days are full of work, tasks and stress. Many of us have no enough time to deal with the daily work and cleaning the house is the last thing in our schedule. However it needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the development of different bacterias, viruses and allergens that may harm our health. So we need to reorganize our daily schedule and get a time for cleaning and make that process a routine task for each day. And here are some little easy tricks of how to organize our cleaning process.

Start with a chart of a weekly schedule that includes cleaning different parts of your house on a preferred day. This is a very good way of keeping your whole place maintained without leaving any uncleaned areas. This schedule will build up a daily routine habits to keep clean and neat the place you live in. Moreover, your home will look more organized and everything will be on its exact place without storing any clutter.
Here is a little example of how a working person's cleaning schedule should look like:
Monday – an hour to clean the bedroom. If you have a bigger bedroom or more than one, clean them on different days.
Tuesday – an hour to clean the kitchen.
Wednesday – half an hour to clean the bathroom and half an hour for laundry or ironing.
Thursday – an hour to clean a part of the living room.
Friday – an hour for the other part of the living room.
Saturday – you can have a look around your home and clean the neglected areas.
Sunday – day off. Just have fun with your family and friends.
If you have children do not forget to include them in the schedule in order to teach them that cleaning is an important activity.
If you think that you don't have enough time for doing all the cleaning stuff, then the best consideration is to look for a help from outside. Hiring a maid will resolve the cleaning problem and you won't need to reorganize your daily schedule making it harder to accomplish. Look for a good local company, such as Islington cleaning services, that will provide you perfectly trained cleaners. Most of them offers carpet cleaning Islington, so you should not forget that your carpets also need professional cleaning.


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