Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Troubles That Come With The Spring Cleaning

Performing spring cleaning differs from the regular cleaning, because it is usually performed once a year and it has to be done thoroughly. This means a lot of trash, that has accumulated during the winter. A junk removal service may come in handy here especially at the end. You can start with internal cleaning, but external cleaning is most likely to be needed as well.

When you start with internal cleaning it's a good idea to make a check list and move according to the points made in it. Look carefully in each room for cracks or any other major problems. Look behind doors, above wardrobes, hardly accessible corners. Basically places, that are avoided during the weekly cleaning. Throw away stuff you don't use any more. The very same thing goes for clothes and other small things that once had a sentimental meaning. Just get rid of them! Carpets and rugs have to be taken outside and shaken thoroughly. If it's necessary take them to dry cleaning even. Another thing, you should not miss, is the walls. During the year a lot of filth accumulates there. With the help of a soaked-in-water cloth you could get their shiny look back. Clean the shelves not simply by moving the stuff from one end to another. Remove all the cups and plates, dishes and let them soak in water for a while. In that time use a cleaning detergent and cloth,clean all parts of the shelves, corners and joints, everything to the last detail. The freezer probably needs some thorough clean up. Turn it off and let the ice melt, after that simply let it dry out, and wipe it carefully with a cloth soaked in detergent.
After you are finished with the cleaning of the house, take all the junk outside and from here on, you could do two things. You can either call rubbish removal company or you can take this whole junk to the recycling factory by yourself. It's all up to you.


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