Monday, 28 February 2011

Tenancy Cleaning Services and Why They Should be Used

If you ever been in a rental, then you probably know perfectly well that you have to put a sum of money before you move in. And you probably know, that you have to pay to a cleaning company at the end of your contract to perform post tenancy cleaning.

The reason of that is simple. If you don't hire such a company, the landlord could withhold your whole deposit or part of it.
The main reason the landlords are taking deposits in advance, is because in case the rental doesn't look good at the end of the period, when the tenants move out, they are going to use the money from that deposit to pay the cleaning company to take care of the cleaning.
By having the rental thoroughly cleaned up, before the last tenants move out, the landlord doesn't have to waste time, looking for company to clean it and thus make it suitable for living again. This way the could bring new candidates for the rental, right on the next day. The deposit is a coverage, that the landlord will not loose money.
The professional end of tenancy cleaning is part of the obligations the tenants accept by signing the contract, when they rent the place.


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