Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Laziness or Unwilligness

While years ago cleaning and raising children were the only things woman were supposed to do, now women have careers, they have money, their own houses and bank accounts, but still they are those who have to perform the same activity like years ago, they have to clean. I know that woman don’t mind spending some time in the kitchen, cooking a great dinner. But what they do mind is spending some time cleaning the kitchen. Some people say that cleaning can make you feel good, I am not quite sure about that. True cooking is pleasurable but cleaning is far from pleasurable. I will not exaggerate if I say that, women hate cleaning, they hate the idea of cleaning, the idea of wasting so much energy, while they can be having a great time with their friends. But it is not just a waste of time that makes women feel so bad about cleaning, some have a lot of time and still avoid cleaning . What makes them feel so badly about cleaning is that, it is just too exhausting. Cleaning is nothing like cooking and washing dishes, which by the way appears  to have the same affect on women as cleaning, it definitely takes more time and it is a tiresome activity. Having understood that, many people have found a way to help all those women, by offering cleaning services. And the fact that those services have become so used and so popular among women show how unwilling women are to clean. I have heard many theories, some of which argue that women do not like cleaning and prefer using those services, because they are lazy. Well, it is not laziness but it is more unwillingness.
That is why for such people is better to find some cleaning company. Wimbledon cleaning services could be one perfect example for perfectionism and strong attitude to every client. On the other hand Wimbledon cleaners will help you to sort our every important cleaning place. And the most pleasant news for every lazy person will be the bill at the end. Don’t be surprise, when you figure out the numbers.


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